Project Management & Shopfitting

Bild Einkaufszentrum, Retail
Bild Einkaufszentrum, Retail

Xpand identifies the needed tasks for your project and supports to the point of turnkey delivery.

Several tasks have to be completed after your decision to expand to new locations until they are ready-for-use. The following three modules sort the

necessary tasks for project management:
The preliminary work already done for the respective site determines which actions stay in focus.

Bild Einkaufszentrum, Retail
Bild Einkaufszentrum, Retail

Existing sites always have unique properties, e.g. lighting, electrical work, safety requirements, built-in components, facade. Demands of the landlord and the local authorities will be observed.

Our Service: We check the current situation for feasability to match your concept, the technical status, the reuse potential, and necessary renewals. Our survey will determine needed changes to the "as-built drawings". We handle the entire communication between landlord, center management and authorities.

Target: Evaluating the as-is situation saves a lot of time to rule out unexpected delays. It is the base for calculating the total costs properly and is needed for building applications and usage amendments.

Preliminary assessment

Depending on the preliminary assessment an approval has to be filed to the local building authorities. This could mean a usage amendmend or a building application in case of a full remodel.

Our service: Our architectural draftsmen compile all necessary plans. Our architects draw up the forms and documents including all required attachments and calculations, e.g. structural. Xpand takes the responsibility for the complete project related communication.

Target: An on time signed, sealed and delivered building application!

Building applications

As soon as all forms are submitted and all technical aspects are clear, the shopfitting starts. The site will then be transformed to meet your design standard. You can focus on moving in.

Our service: Our on-site contractors are certified electricians, drywallers, painters, tilers as well as installers for sprinklers and ventilation. Xpand coordinates all trades and keeps the contact to the landlord, the center management and you.

Target: After outstanding performance, we hand over the site on time.

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