Module A1: Starting your expansion

Module A2

An expansion changes the dynamic of your company. Be prepared.

Your company has its own department for expansion management?

We take care, that all departments of your company dispose over well-rehearsed processes and sufficiant know-how at the point in time necessary for your expansion. The evaluation process puts us in place to know all subjects which need to be reworked. Additionally the evaluation process is a good opportunity to get to know each other better.

Status of your company:

a) one location with a good business idea?
b) less locations, managed by yourself?
c) some locations, directed by managers?
d) some or more locations, but you want to expand to a franchise concept?

If one of the above describes the status of your company, contact us to start an evaluation!

In case you have already one ore even more employees concerned with expansion and the tasks are mostly executed in-house, our support will be a big advantage.

Instead of keeping the know-how and the workforce permanently and completely in-house, delegating some work, especially in times of a higher work load, will be more effektive.



a) Evaluation of the earning power of the existing locations under the aspects of an expansion.
b) Evaluation of the purchasing process and the opportunities to generalize them.
c) Evaluation of the guidelines for internal and external corporate behavior.
d) Evaluation of the HR processes.
e) Measuring the customer perception of your brand.
f) Evaluation of the competitive situation and position.
g) Are your processes prepared to be rolled out easily?
h) Evaluation of the necessary modification of processes regarding local laws.

Our evaluation team consists of experts in different areas as marketing, human resources, working process, finance, tax accounting, certified public accounting.


We prepare a list of areas which need further development before we turn to
the next steps of your expansion.
Preparation leads to lower costs, better results and earlier completion.

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